How to live the Ayurvedic lifestyle in autumn

Autumn brings a lot of wind and produces restlessness. We experience stormy and rainy weather, then again quiet, golden days.  The season makes us nervous, our mind is unsteady and we feel like changing something, but are unsure what to do. At the same time on a physical level we easily produce mucus, get a cold and feel tired. Autumn season increases Vata as well as Kapha, so we have to balance these two Doshas, always considering our own body type of course.

   LPH monsoon

Now it is very important to ensure internal balance, keep warm, strengthen our body tissues.

This begins with our diet…

-warming soups, nourishing pumpkin and other seasonal vegetables, reduce raw and dry foods (salad, crispbread, oats), warm, homemade fruit compote with spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla and others, avoid anything that increases Vata (like coffee), regular drinking of warm water is now extremely important.


produce inner heat through slow, continous sports like for example yoga, which at the same time tames our restless mind, stimulates our digestion (slowed down by Kapha) and strengthens the muscles. Long, brisk walks in fresh air are fine, but protect yourselves from the dry autumn winds, make use of sunny, quiet days for walking. Kapha needs a lot of motion, if you like running go and do it.

Hotelanlage und Behandlungen im Lanka Princess


Especially in autumn we are easily overthrown by an excessively hectic lifestyle. So many things that have to be done after the slower summer months and before the festive season. Try to bring some calmness into your daily life, take small „time-outs“, an hour of reading, cosy moments at home. Get enough, but not too much sleep (22- 5:45). Nourish dry skin with good oil (e.g. sesame oil with herbs), warming massages are very relaxing for cold, tense muscles.

Enjoy a beautiful, healthy autumn season!