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Fostering general mental well-being and increasing calm, clarity, and concentration

Meditation is a practice, which focuses on training attention and awareness in order to bring the mind under control and thereby fostering general mental well-being and increasing calm, clarity, and concentration. It is not based on religious or dogmatic practices.

The Lanka Princess Hotel offers daily meditation to guests, and twice a week. Meditation takes place on the small temple island in front of the hotel. This island is an oasis of tranquility and helps guests to experience calm clarity on the shores of the Indian Ocean surrounded by tropical nature. Meditation is a natural Ayurvedic treatment and lasts one hour. Guests are kindly requested to bring along a meditation cushion, which will be provided by the hotel.

Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country; hence certain rules must be adhered to keep with the faith. One can only enter a Buddhist place of worship barefoot and with covered shoulders and knees. Therefore, it is recommended to wear a T-shirt, sweatpants and sandals when going for meditation to the island. This will also provide protection from mosquitoes.