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Ayurveda Restaurant

Be captivated by the master chefs of our Ayurveda cuisine as they create mouth-watering dishes to delight the palate and increase the well-being of our curative guests at the Ayurveda Restaurant.

All meals for Ayurvedic guests are prepared by a dedicated team of chefs using preparation and cooking methods in line with international standards, taking into consideration the requirements of each individual guest. Ayurvedic food is prepared in a separate kitchen to ensure the quality and nutrition of the food. Guests, who are not undergoing Ayurvedic programs may also savor dishes from the Ayurveda Restaurant.

All dishes are color coded depending on the Doshas (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) for which they are recommended. Benefit from weight loss through a nutritional assortment of organic and selected ingredients. Flavor your meal and select from an assortment of spices or add one of several varieties of Lassi (yoghurt drinks) and a wide choice of tropical fruit drinks.