Yoga and Meditation II

Lanka Princess - Yoga 7 (5)

Yoga is not a sport, is not only the physical training and body optimization, but rather refers to a “lifestyle”, so to say a “spiritual path”. If you decide consciously to incorporate Yoga and meditation into your daily live, it makes a great contribution to keep your body young and agile, but also to focus your mind to silence and to gain a new awareness. Especially in our hectic, turbulent times Yoga offers a good balance.

Physical exercises (asanas) will quickly bring new energy and mobility to the body. Even body parts that hurt for a long time, or are stiff, will regain strength and flexibility. You will develop a new, pleasant body feeling.

Breathing exercises (pranayama): this Yoga technique provides you with new life energy at any time. It provides the body with fresh oxygen, thus stimulates the blood circulation and the metabolism. Yoga breathing techniques bring body and mind into their natural balance.

Deep Relaxation: Should be performed at the end of each Yoga session. Through this Yoga practice, inner tension dissolves, one finds again to his inner self. Stress related diseases can be prevented or reduced. Relaxation calms the mind and body, reduces stress and activates the self-healing powers.

Meditation brings inner peace and opens the mind to intuition and creativity. In the inner silence you find serenity and improve the ability to concentrate – an important tool for everyday life.