Yoga and Meditation

Lanka Princess - Yoga 7 (8)

Welcome to our new sequel on Yoga and meditation. With a series or small articles we would like to bring the matter closer to you, present you with various asanas and their meaning and also acquaint you further with meditation.

In our beautiful Yoga hall we daily offer various Yoga and meditation classes, held by our experienced local Yoga masters. These exercises perfectly complete your Ayurveda cure. (Additionally, you have the possibility to book individual sessions and even packages of various days or weeks.)

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of Yoga being offered. At the Lanka Princess we practice Hatha Yoga. The word Hatha derives from Sanskrit and means „power, endurance, suppression“. This is to emphasize the effort , which is necessary to reach the actual target. Further, the term expresses the unity of opposed energies (hot and cold, male and female, positive and negative, sun = Tha and moon = Ha). Hatha Yoga was already mentioned back in the 15th century; the balance between body and mind shall be striven for, mainly through physical exercise (Asanas), breathing practice (Pranayama) and meditation.