Yoga and Meditation VII

Lanka Princess - Yoga 7 (4)

Yoga: avoid injuries.

With all the buzz about its potential pitfalls should not be left unmentioned. Yoga practiced in a wrong way and especially without professional guidance can lead to injuries. There are though some precautions you can take to make sure you do not sustain any injuries that will prevent you from enjoying your practice for years to come.

1. Find a qualified Teacher: Pay attention to the training and experience of your yoga teacher and do not let yourself push into something that you are physically not ready for.


2.  Have realistic expectations: Unless you are a dancer or a gymnast, you will not be able to put your leg behind your head. Advanced yoga poses require strength, flexibility, balance, and often many years of practice.


3. Do not compete: Yoga is not a competition. Injuries happen when your body is not ready for certain poses or the poses are not right for that body. The most important thing is to first learn and master the correct alignment. For every Asana there is an easier and a more difficult variation.


4. Do not compete with yourself: Listen to your body! Practice difficult poses patiently for weeks or months and thus avoid risks.


5.Injury-prone areas: thighs, neck, lower back and knees are areas that are very susceptible to injury. Stretch these parts with patience and caution.


6. “When Bad Things Happen to Good Yogi”: Despite your great care, you may hurt yourself accidentally. If this happens, take your injury seriously, see an experienced doctor and return to your practice only when you are completely healed.