Yoga and Meditation VI

Meditation techniques for beginners

Meditation may initially be difficult and requires doubtlessly a lot of patience and practice. However, if you plan to integrate meditation into your daily life, there some helpful suggestions to make meditation easier. Some of them we would like to present in the following:

1. Take the decision to block 15 minutes daily for meditation. How often do we waste this time on unnecessary things? The awareness that you are doing something important for yourself through meditation will help you to allocate some time every day.

2. Try to open up during meditation, to be a vessel that gives and takes.

3. In the beginning make use of “tools” such as a candle and / or meditation music. It may be hard to keep your eyes closed and meditate in silence. Slowly find your way into the matter using these little helpers.

4. Get rid of thoughts of everyday life, of your worries. If such thoughts arise, just let them fade as easily and quickly as they came to you.

5. Concentrate on the top of your head. Let time stand still, you will notice how that spot will feel either cool or warm – a sign that the concentration works. Thus try to slip in a thoughtless awareness.