Why a Healthy Diet is an Integral Part of Ayurvedic Philosophy

Our health depends on many internal and external factors. To live a healthy life, body, mind and soul must all be in perfect harmony. The focus of Ayurvedic medicine considers each person as an individual and complete solar system. The person is seen as a whole. In western medicine the thought process of treating the person as a whole has been lost and rather focuses on treating each individual symptom or illness. Everyone runs to the gyms to improve their physical appearance and views this as a “healthy lifestyle” never taking into consideration that illnesses could start from within.



How does Ayurveda work?

Ayurveda therapy aims to bring an individual person back into balance. Balance is created by living in harmony with the laws of nature. Just like nature we are each made up of the elements fire, water, earth and air. In Ayurvedic practice these are known as the doshas. No two people are ever the same, even if they have the same type of dosha.
After the Ayurvedic specialist determines your dosha you are able to understand the changes that need to occur to your lifestyle, work style, and diet to bring yourself back into a harmonious balance.
The Ayurvedic specialist will guide you in understanding various different components that are necessary to achieving physical and mental balance.
• Holistic diagnosis
• Nutrition
• Lifestyle
• Peace and meditation
• Yoga and breathing exercises
• Herbs and Ayurvedic medicine
• Cleansing and regeneration practices


Nutrition is one of the most important components in Ayurvedic practice. Ahara – the right diet plays a central role. The food that we eat not only nourishes our body but also our minds. The heavier and unhealthier of food we consume the heavier and unhealthier our minds are. A high consumption of meat for example, not only damages the body and leads to joint diseases caused by acidification, it makes our minds dull and depressed. The energy that is consumed during each meal also has an immediate reaction to our entire system. Meals full of strength and positive energy brings our body’s and minds back into balance and creates strength.
We are made of body tissue that should be supported and not blocked or disturbed by consuming the right foods so that our digestion can also work in harmony. Smells, texture, sight and when and who we eat with play a vital role. All these sensations play apart of our metabolism and are important factors to consider.





A strong Agni makes you strong

A major part of our health depends on an optimally functioning digestive system. In our Western diet our Agni (digestive fire) is mostly blocked. A thick slice of white bread with butter and sausage for breakfast, a heavy lunch, and a cold poorly digestible salad for dinner are all regular habits that disrupt our digestive fire. These manifestations can be seen rather quickly in our health, both physical and mental.
Each dosha and each body’s individual composition must be taken into account when choosing a proper nutrition to achieve a healthy and vigorous body. When our Agni is nearly extinguished our metabolism is interrupted and waste products (Ama) are accumulated in the body which are too acidic and slowly poison our body. These symptoms of poising are triggers for disease. Through proper nutrition Agni is supported and nurtured and can burn and keep you healthy.





„Let food be thy medicine – let medicine be thy food“

Even Hippocrates knew that “food is medicine.” Those who eat right do not require other medicine. Ayurveda operates on the basis of each individuals needs of specific foods, teas, herbs and spices, while others are recommended to be avoided.

What is recommended to each individual depends on the following factors and how they affect our dosha: the 6 flavours (Rasa), the properties such as cold, hot, dry, oily (Gunas), the effect on our metabolism (Virya) and the effect of our digestions process (Vipaka).

There are simple rules to be followed in Ayurvedic nutrition that will lead to a healthy and happy body, mind and soul. These rules are:
-suitable food for ones own Dosha
-fresh, quality meals with seasonal local produce
-Each meal should be multicoloured, nutritious, aesthetically pleasing and also contain all 6 flavours
-Regular meals with the main meal taking place at noon when the digestive fire is burning at its highest
-Hot meals (digestible and promote Agni)

At Lanka Princess we offer a breadth of Ayurvedic meals, herbs, teas and spices that are suited to all Doshas. Follow the diet recommended by your doctor and support the effective manner to a successful Ayurvedic therapy for yourself.

Sources: „Vom Geist des Ayurveda“ von Dr. David Frawley


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