A fountain of youth for your body – well-being for your skin
The Wellness & Beauty cure pampers you with various Ayurvedic and Beauty treatments, which build up on each other. The treatments are based on the Panchakarma principles. The combination of treatments makes this cure to an experience of well-being for body, mind and all senses.
The ultimate cure for body and soul
+ Initial medical consultation
+ Final doctors’ consultation
+ Head or foot massages
+ Synchronic body massages
+ Thermo Rice massages
+ Intensive massages
+ Oil head treatments (Shirodhara)
+ Herbal & flower bath
+ Facial with deep cleansing
+ Manicure with hand massage and nourishing pack
+ Lymph stimulation massages
+ Pedicure with foot massage and nourishing pack
+ Eye regeneration treatment
+ Aroma cosmetic treatment
+ Classical ayurvedic facial
+ Shanaz beauty facial
+ Jovees Gold facial-neck-décolleté treatment
+ Body scrub pack
For relaxation and physical exercises, we recommend Yoga, Tai Chi and water gymnastics.
This cure lasts at least 10 days with approximately
35 treatments according to the prescription of our Doctor will be applied.