Visit to the Singharaja rainforest


Singharaja Regenwald LPH
Just 1,5 hours from the beautiful Lanka Princess Hotel you can reach the Singharaja rainforest, passing through breathtaking landscapes. This nature reserve is a national park and is part of the UNESCO cultural heritance. The area covers 130qm and can be entered with a guide. During the trip you have numerous opportunities to take photos and take in some local hustle and bustle. As a starting point for a hiking trip the idyllic Singharaja Garden Lodge is a fantastic place. The manager himself will be the tour guide and accompany you through the rainforest. There is everything from a quite easy 2-3 hours walk to 7 hours hike for the experienced, not to mention the real jungle trek with machete and all that it takes. The lush tropical nature reveals itself in her full beauty and you will spot the one or other “wildlife participant”, which starts with an extraordinarily green Gecko and the very colorful jungle dove. In this rainforest a certain number of endemic types of birds is still to be found. Important is to bring good shoes and a sufficient water supply. For those of you who would like to return to the loge for lunch, excellent, freshly prepared food awaits you. Wonderfully exhausted in the evening you then return back to the luxury of the Lanka Princess Hotel.