The sun salutation (Surija Namaskar)

The sun salutation is a popular Yoga exercise, which is often performed also by “non Yogis”. Ideally, you practice it in the morning to get energized and fresh for the day. It can though be performed at any time.

The cycle is repeated several times, at least two, ideally, 12 cycles are performed. Depending on your mood there are no limits to the quantity of repetitions. In each cycle, the starting leg is changed.
As the name suggests, the sun salutation means “Greeting the Sun”. Here all the limbs, muscles, tendons and ligaments are stretched. Simultaneously, pressure is exerted on all abdominal organs and thus the whole body is being activated. Lost motion is regained, the body is strengthened, energy flows. If you have physical disabilities, please ensure that you act in accordance. Breathe calmly and not exaggeratedly, otherwise you could damage lungs and heart.

Practice in a sufficiently ventilated place. As with all exercises pay attention to your body to move freely (no tight clothing, barefoot), best before meals, otherwise most of the body’s energy and blood is involved in the digestion.

TIP: Never practice Yoga on a full stomach! The last meal should have passed at least two hours. Do not exercise when you are sick or feel unwell. Let’s set aside any notions of performance. Get in a mindful dialogue with your body and your heart.



NL 3 Sun Salutation 3 + 10

NL 3 Sun Salutation 4 + 8

NL 3 Sun Salutation 9

NL 3 Sun Salutation 6

NL 3 Sun Salutation 6a

NL 3 Sun Salutation 6b

NL 3 Extra Sun Salutation3

NL 3 Sun Salutation 8

NL 3 Sun Salutation 5

NL 3 Sun Salutation 3 + 10

NL 3 Sun Salutation 11