The unique symbiosis between the traditional Ayurvedic healing technique and modern physiotherapeutic equipment under the supervision of our experienced doctors and sports therapists ensures effective relief of your symptoms.

The target group for this treatment are those who are just recovering from a sports injury, but also people who suffer long-term damage due to injury.

Medical consultations
Ayurvedic remedies
Head and face massages
Foot massages
Intensive massages
Powder massages
Sport massages
Prescribed sport gymnastic exercises
Special massages
Synchronic body massages
Thermo Rice massages
Herbal baths
Steam baths
Flower bath
Yoga, Thai Chi

On additional charges if required:

The healing depends on the length of your treatment. A minimum period of 10 days guarantees good results. The treatment can be extended according to the patient’s availability. The treatment schedule is individually tailored for each guest after a thorough medical consultation. Please bring the reports of your physician.

During this 10 days cure approx. 50 treatments take place, according to the prescription of the Doctor