“Become slim – stay slim”

Losing weight at the Lanka Princess is conscious enjoyment without being hungry. We will replace the troublesome counting of calories by a special ayurvedic diet concept. The intensive treatments based on the Panchakarma purify the body, remove toxin from the intestines, optimize the digestion and strengthen the function of the organs. Daily stamina programs like beach walking and water gymnastics help to burn fat. Thai chi and Yoga are the perfect completion to this Ayurveda-Cure.
A diet consultation at the end of your Slimming Cure will motivate you to change your diet habits lastingly to make you stay fit and healthy.

This special Ayurvedic treatment cure based on Panchakarma to purify and to remove toxin inside and outside. This break will help you to gain new energy for your physical and mental well-being.

+ Initial medical consultation
+ Medical check
+ Final doctors’ consultation
+ Wellness-Fitness-Check incl. fat proportion of the body
+ Daily weight reducing Ayurveda remedies based on herbals
+ Acupuncture treatments to reduce the feeling of hunger
+ Oleation (Ghee)
+ Nasya (nose and sinus purification)
+ Enemas (Vasthi)
+ Oil head treatments (Shirodhara)
+ Head massages
+ Face massages
+ Synchronic body massages
+ Intensive massages
+ Thermo Rice massages
+ Steam baths
+ Herbal baths
+ Flower bath

The doctor will prescribe the treatments for each guest individually.

Approximately 50 treatments during this 12 days cure.