Preparation for winter time

Winter time can completely unbalance our psychology and physiognomy. Little sunshine, cold weather, dry heated air, wet, humid days – we react with fatigue, at the same time we remain sleepless, our skin dries out and crackles, we suffer from constipation, feel stressed and catch colds. 



It is highly recommended to perform a Panchakarma cure before winter in order to bring our doshas back into balance, strengthen the immune system and get through the cold season fit and healthy. The oil massages and Ayurvedic treatments gently erase toxins from our body and at the same time lubricate it inside and outside. The immune system is strengthened as well as our mind through Yoga, which is inseparable from an Ayurveda cure. Our body acquires enough strength to withstand the sumptuous meals and the stress of the festive season. If you do not have a chance to do Panchakarma treatments, the following advice will help you to support your health.

We now need a warming, nourishing and calming nutrition and lifestyle.

The Diet

Dry, raw, cold and heavy foods should be avoided now. What we need are warm, oily dishes, obviously we use high quality oil or ghee. Fish oil capsules can be a sensible supplement to your diet, especially if you already suffer from a Vata disturbance. Food should always be prepared freshly, not overcooked, but warming also by adding the right herbs and spices. Hot soups, fresh wild salmon, roasted vegetables, a good quantity of root vegetables, sweet fruits, stews from legumes, herbal tea…all of these are helpful, nourishing dishes and drinks for winter time. Reheated food should be avoided just as (always!) food prepared in the microwave and processed food. Tastes for winter are sour, sweet and salty. Not recommended are pungent, bitter and astringent food types.

Turmeric and Ashwaghanda are two extremely detoxifying spices, which are available as capsules and powder.

Skin Care

The excess Vata dries and wrinkles our skin. Pamper your face and body with good, pure oil (like sesame or almond oil), especially in the evening, followed by a relaxing bath. Your skin will thank you. A warming oil foot massage before going to bed gives you warm feet and thus a restoring sleep. Remember the drop of oil in each ear and both nostrils, an excellent protection from infections and cold. Please watch the following link on how to perform an Ayurvedic self massage at home:


Keep Moving

When we keep our circulation moving, our body stays warm and flexible. Yoga is an excellent way of mobilising our blood and the lymphatic system. Outdoor sports (hiking, light running, walking or cycling) in a moderate manner can only do you well.


Try to avoid excessively long nights out in a noisy environment. Meals should be regular, take your time while eating. Sleep sufficiently and enjoy quiet hours in a comfortable and relaxing environment. According to Ayurveda the most important thing while preparing for the winter season is to keep our nervous system balanced. In that way you can stay healthy and maintain a strong immune system. The before mentioned Ashwaghanda herb has a balancing effect. Defy the wandering mind, busy reflecting on the elapsing year and stressed by the sudden shifts in temperature.

Stay healthy during winter!