Ayurvedic treatments for neurological illness.

According to Ayurveda, the problematic of neurological illness is the irregularity of the Vata Dosha. By balancing the Vata Dosha, the progress of this mostly degenerative illness slows down. The state of health of the patient can be preserved or regenerated.

+ Medical consultations
+ Head and face massages
+ Synchronic body massages
+ Intensive massages
+ Oil head treatment (Shirodara)
+ Herbal Parisheka
+ Nose & Sinus treatment (Nasya)
+ Special enemas (Prasthutha Vasthi)
+ Additional special treatments such as Uro Vasthi, Kati Vasthi etc. according to the prescription of the doctor.

An alleviation of the ailments can take place only, when the patient repeats the course of treatments, based on Panchakarma, twice a year. At home, it is of great importance to adopt the newly acquired principles according to your type of constitution (Dosha) into your daily life, continue to take the ayurvedic medicine and live according to a regular daily schedule.

With the integration of massages, Yoga and Meditation in your daily routine you can achieve relief from your ailments.

This cure lasts at least 12 days with approximately
60 treatments take place, according to the prescription of the Doctor.