Panchakarma Program

Initial medical consultation
Weekly consultations
Final consultation
Meditation and Yoga
Beach walking
Daily Ayurvedic remedies
Nutritional advice

This cure has to be conducted for at least 12 days.

Approx. 60 (90 with 18 days) treatments

Head massages
Face massages
Synchronic body massages
Oil head treatments (Shirodhara)
Thermo Rice massages
Intensive massages
Purgation (Virechana)
Enemas (Vasthis) if necessary
Cleansing of nose and sinuses (Nasya)
Eye treatments
Herbal inhalations
Herbal steam baths
Herbal baths
Flower bath

On additional charges if required:

Special treatments
Special massages

First, our doctor will examine you. He will prescribe the treatments according to your overall constitution and explain the schedule to you. Supported by the Ayurveda diet and medicines your body will be detoxified and vitalized. This cure improves your health and strength, stimulates your antibodies and selfhealing abilities and preserves the functions of body and mind up to old age.

Together with Meditation, Yoga, Water gymnastics you will experience an increased feeling of wellbeing. “More years to the life – more life to the years”.