6 Reasons Why You Should Treat Yourself To A Healthy Holiday In Asia


Healthy Far East nutrition


Finally you can take a deep breath, enjoy your existence with all your senses and release that tension. Health holidays in the Far East are perfect for small breaks with incredibly positive effects. Reason being that they encompass diets suited to different types of people aswell as relaxing massages and cleansing rituals. This way the feel-good factor rises to the maximum. While Ayurveda, accupuncture and co. are still relatively uncommon in the West they have been used in Asia for more than 5,000 years.


Here are several good reasons why such a health holiday in the Far East should be top of your “Benefits for my Body” list:



Ayurveda – The feel-good trend with several thousand years of history

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The word ‘Ayurveda’ stems from two terms used in the old Indian language of Sanskrit. “Ayur” and “Veda” can be translated into “Science of Life”. The traditional healing power of Ayurveda encompasses a range of factors. It not only involve wonderful massages that let you forget your daily grind. What is also important in Ayurveda is the art of slow movement. A good example here is Yoga. Furthermore healthy but delicious nutrition is an integral part of the concept. Also important is viewing the streams of individual energy. These are the so-called ‘Doshas’

There are three Doshas: Pitta, Vata and Kapha. Pitta individuals have a tendency to be more active. They are often ambitious, hot-headed, are seldomly cold and skew towards inner unrest. Kapha types are often steady as a rock. They are not prone to nervousness. Vata people are fast thinking and creative. They usually have no problems keeping their weight and are easily cold.

What type of person are you? Answer in the comment at the end of the article.



Ayurveda balances out your individual energy streams


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Before you start a health treatment in the Far East your individual energy type is categorised. Which energies flow in you? How can you steer them in the right direction? The appropriate nutrition, effective relaxation techniques such as meditation or ritual cleansing are likely to give you an energy boost. They can also inhibit sickness or even cure them.

People with Pitta-Dosha often suffer from digestive problems that arise due to stress. Vata types often have dry skin and problems with fear. Whether or not the Kapha energy is strong in your body is noticeable by frequent problems with weight or ones gallbladder. Ayurveda massages and sporty activities are invidually adjusted to the requirements of your body to combat these problems. But they have to fit. Jogging is not the best choice for anyone. Hot-headed Pitta types profit more from a fast paced walk! Vata types gain the most from a warmth inducing massage while Kapha types get the most out of a treatment that focuses on cleansing the tissue of unwanted water. That way everyone get the program that is most effective to them.



Far Eastern Health treatments are incredibly relaxing




Paying attention to diet, engaging in sports and reflecting upon yourself, your weaknesses and conduct sounds tiring to you? Understandably so. You have to think about getting better. But health holidays including Ayurveda, Yoga or Qigong are pure bliss in the medium run. The reason is that the applications are individual. Therefor they are simply more effective. They are highly focused in relaxing you and will touch upon all your senses: relax during a oil-massage or inhale herbs and wonderful scents in a relaxing atmosphere. Thereby you will be relieved of inner stress, your immune system is strengthend, blood circulation is optimised and your hormone levels will be brought into balance. Among the most popular treatments are flower baths, rice-herb massages and warm oil infusions. Furthermore accupuncture, foot massages as well as cleansing of the mouth or eyes may be part of the health treatment. The Ayurveda expert is constantly in search of the best way to treat and relax every individual.



Ayurveda cuisine is delicious


Ayurveda Ernährung


Gently prepared but far from bland! Fresh vegetables and tropical fruits are part of the ayurvedic diet as are fish, quinoa, porridge or delicious coconut based deserts. As part of a Far Eastern health cure hotels offer cuisine according to the described (see first post) three Doshas. This way Vata-, Pitta and Kapha individuals immediately know where to head at the buffet. As a result people do not only experience an astonishing sense of well-being during and after their health holiday but also see their weight drop. The best part: the food not only tastes great and is filling but it is also healthy. With the newly won energy one feels that total relaxation or sporty activity come a lot easier. It all fits together.


Ommm…breath in relaxation and breath stress out


Hotelanlage und Behandlungen im Lanka Princess


The Yoga trend has been part of Western culture for years now. If you do not perform various Yoga positions by now you have probably consciously decided not to partake. However Yoga is an integral part of Ayurveda and when going for a Far Eastern health cure you should at least accept Yoga as part of the treatment. Particularly people that work at desks most of the time or have a highly responsible job will be treated to fine stress and strain relief. They will also gain strength and become more flexible.

As part of a Yoga lesson or on its own meditation is a further great way to enjoy sensual relaxation. Yoga teachers will be glad to give you hints on improving your meditation skills. Cleansing breathing techniques, the so-called Pranayama, will also help you to simply breath away stress and nearing sickness.


Far Eastern health cures can be experienced right in paradise


Sri Lanka Paradise


Where would it be easier to relax than in a holiday paradise such as Sri Lanka? Where would it be easier than in the place where health cures originated and have been part of every day culture for thousands of years? Surrounded by sun, beach and incredible views across the Indian Ocean Ayurveda cures are most effective and enjoyable. And you will even get the extra sun tan thrown in.


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