How tropical climates influence the effectiveness of a Panchakarma Treatment

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„A journey is often an excellent remedy for a worried mind“

(Franz Grillparzer)


Most things are better when they are enjoyed in their country of origin. The wine from Chianti doesn’t taste nearly as fantastic when enjoyed on the balconies of Munich, herbal tea derived from the provence looses its flavor in ones own kitchen and the dried fruit from China no longer has that exquisite taste once back at home.

The same thing counts for enjoying a Panchakarma treatment. Ayurveda and yoga, the two sisters practices, originate from India and as such as a holistic approach are based on climate and lifestyle in the place of origin. The Indian Rishis explored life under the given conditions.


The Tropical Climate

Now a days you can find Ayurveda centers all over the world. With such an extensive treatment like the Panchakarma treatment weather conditions have to be optimal. The weather in Sri Lanka is comfortable year round. Monsoon season brings daily rains with hints of sunshine to the island, and the temperature highs are a 30-33 degrees. Even on the hottest days the architecture of the hotel ensures a cool breeze sweeping through the walkways of the Lanka Princess Hotel. The original Ceylonese homes are built with open spaces to ensure that air conditioning is not necessary. The daily winds and the cool nights will ensure for a comfortable stay. Due to the stable climate, stressful impact of extreme temperature is taken off of the body and temperature fluctuations are avoided. With appropriate sun protection, the daily rays providing Vitamin D have a positive effect on the body. Every day you have a chance to reconnect with nature as you enjoy the fresh air, take in the songs of the birds and the landscape that surrounds the island. Reconnecting with nature occurs naturally and through the teachings of Ayurveda in such a beautiful setting.


Natures Nutrition

The tropical fruits and vegetables in Sri Lanka contain a larger variety of nutrients when compared to those in Europe. They are easier to digest than the acidic fruits in Europe, and have a much higher quality of freshness. For example, the king coconut is in itself a superfood, and a complete meal. The Lanka Princess Hotel provides you with only the freshest, seasonal local fruits, vegetables and even fish that are currently available. To ensure a healthy and nutritional diet is achieved, red meat is consumed in small amounts.

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