Ayurveda Food Tip

Autumn now brings slightly cooler weather, fresh air and golden days offering an enjoyable recovery after the summer in Europe. Go for a walk through the rustling leaves and enjoy rays of heart-warming sun.


As soon as it gets cooler, Agni (our traditional fire to aid digestion) really starts to work its magic. It really has to get to work now having to not only warm our tummies but our entire bodies. To make life easier for Agni we added easily digestible warm, cooked or steamed food to our menus and reduced salads and uncooked food to a minimum. When temperatures drop cravings for delicious, steaming soups and hearty meals come automatically.

In autumn the wind element (Vata) reigns. As a result, our bodies now have to balance turbulent Vata influences with hearty, oily foods, warm milk and groceries with high nutritional values.

Plenty of exercise outside and frequent physical activities such as yoga and fitness keep us in shape and strengthen our immune systems. That way we are sure to stay on top of our game when the autumn chill creeps into our bones.

What keeps us warm and protects us from colds and other viruses?

For example, you could brew hot tea with fresh ginger. Simply pour hot water over pieces of cut ginger, let it brew and indulge. For more information click HERE.

A pleasant way to strengthen and cleanse your immune system is the so called “Golden Milk“. Due to the number of cases of lactose intolerance we introduced a lactose-free version made with almond milk. Alternatively, soy milk, coconut milk (attention: high in calories) or other vegetarian milk sorts can also be used. Click HERE for more information.