Anti Stress & Burn Out Program

A course of treatments to relax and to regenerate.

Characteristic signs of the burn out syndrome are physical and emotional exhaustion, continuous lack of psychical and physical strength, weakness of the immune system and sleeping disorders.

During the course of the treatments you will get to know how to live according to your Dosha and how to avoid stress in the future. The stay in our Hotel ensures the necessary distance to the cause of the problem.

The special treatments, based on the Panchakarma, will be prescribed by your Doctor according to your state of health and will support the whole cure program.

Medical consultations
Head and face massages
Synchronic body massages
Foot massages
Thermo Rice massages
Intensive massages
Oil head treatment as Shirodara,
Kwathadara or Oildara
Healing head treatment
Herbal baths
Flower bath
Daily meditation

At the PRINCESS, you have plenty of time and space to relax and regenerate. In addition, Meditation, Yoga und Tai Chi support the process of relaxation. You can get to know the techniques and continue at home.

During this 12 days cure approx. 70 treatments take place, according to the prescription of the Doctor.


Massage Lanka Princess