A Look Behind the Scenes


At the LANKA Princess the main purpose is to invest, to renovate and to modernize. This is very important in a tropical climate with its high humidity and salty air.

Twice a year the outside of the hotel, in particular the many wooden parts, are repainted and so are of course all the necessary areas inside the house.

Around 80% of the previous electrical devices installed in 1997 have been replaced. This was all planed and installed by professional technicians from Europe. Security for the electrical supply (generators) plus fire detection devices and telecommunication have been optimized.

In addition to the local water supply three wells are in place to guaranty the uninterrupted flow of quality water according to European standards. An osmosis plant changes the grade of the water from hard to soft. Because of this water quality the towels are soft and the linen is white. The warm water supply is mainly covered by sun energy. From the beginning, a biological sewage treatment plant was installed for the wastewater.

After the Tsunami disaster the filter plant for the pool was replaced to produce crystal clear water. The ponds are home to a colorful variety of tropical fishes.

The air conditioners have been overhauled and the good water quality has improved the functioning.

All freezers and coolers in the kitchen have been replaced. Therefore the temperature is always according to international required standards even while running with electricity from the generator.

Of course for you as a guest these are common necessities, but in a third world country this is not always easy to achieve because of ignorance. But we think it is good to know that everything is hygienic and secure as at home.