A Day at Lanka Princess





Today I am completing my 18 day Panchakarma program at the beautiful Lanka Princess resort in Sri Lanka. I plan to take full advantage of my final two days in the warm weather before heading back to the cold in Europe.


I awake shortly before 6:00am as the sun begins to rise and the tropical birds begin to sing their lovely songs. After a restful night, and an intense 3 week body and soul cleansing, I feel more refreshed then I have in years. I spend the next 30 minutes on my balcony enjoying the views and watching the resort slowly come to life. At 6:30 I head to the beach. The ocean has a stillness that reflects my new internal calmness, and the sun still lingers beneath the clouds as I enjoy the fresh air on my morning walk.


A group of guests gathers on the beach at 7:00am for a daily Tai Chi lesson. The instructors soft smile and gentle laugh is something I’ve become familiar with, as it is shared by all the staff of the resort. The 40 minute course helps my body awaken as we move through several poses with transitions that soothe the body and mind. This is all a part of the Ayurvedic program as it allows us to find balance within. Once the lesson ends we all head to breakfast.



Lanka Princess - Moods Outside of Hotel -2014_LankaPrincess_Sunset_Palms

Enjoying Ayurvedic Cuisine


The cleansing program consisting of Shirodhara, steam baths and wet cleanings is exhausting to the body and requires relaxation and a lot of sleep. Now that I am in the final phase of my program it is time to transition from a Purvakarma nourishment plan to a more regular and sustainable way of nourishment. After weeks of rice soup and steamed vegetables, although delicious, I am looking forward to spiced curry, fresh fish and vegetable couscous.


For breakfast I enjoy a Welpenela herb soup (Welpenela Herb Soup). Every morning Lanka Princess offers a different healthy plant which is used in the breakfast soups. Each plant has their own Ayurvedic benefits that promote health and assist in treating ailments. During my second course I enjoy a small portion of Kichari on the relaxing terrace as a waiter pours me some freshly brewed spiced Chai tea. I spend some time watching a turtle in the pond below me try desperately to scale a rose leaf, and enjoy the countless birds that visit the tropical gardens surrounding the terrace before heading to my last consultation and treatment.


     BATAHIRA RESTAURANT (New Batch) 2014_LankaPrincess_Food_Soup_2

The Programm


As I arrived at Lanka Princess I was in desperate need of rest and rejuvenation. The constant stress at work over the last months had my mind racing constantly. Although I managed to get in daily exercise my body needed rest. I barely found time to cook nourishing meals for myself at home and therefore was ecstatic to have delicious and healthy meals prepared for me at the resort. I was determined to attend daily yoga sessions between my treatments and relaxed on the days that included intensive cleansing. I scheduled my Ayurvedic treatments in the afternoon to ensure that I could enjoy the 11:00am yoga. I was also inclined to try the meditation courses offered several times a day, it helped me feel balanced. On the last few days spent at the resort I managed to get back into the gym, where I discovered the lovely view of the garden resort. Had I of known of this beautiful sight earlier, I might have spent more time there.


The first few days of the program allows for complete relaxation. I received several oil massages that I was able to enjoy quite literally from head to toe. During the intense 6 day cleanse I slept often and it was clear my body needed the rest.
Today I will enjoy a full body massage since my doctor has confirmed that my Doshas are in complete alignment again.


After a shower in my comfortable room I stroll to the Ayurveda center in my soft bathrobe. I feel like a new person and comfortable in my own skin, and it glows like it it hasn’t in a long time. In addition to massages, I get to look forward to a body peeling followed by a soothing and warm rose bath. I didn’t know it was possible to be any happier but the rose bath has accomplished just that as the red, orange, yellow and white petals sway in the water. The bath assistant ensures that I am covered in petals as I soak blissfully.



Nightime at Lanka Princess


As I make my way to the beach once more at sunset I stop at the pool bar to treat myself to a fresh pressed juice. Although I have taken several photos each day I have become addicted to capturing the way the sun sets beneath the clouds and disappears into the ocean. I consider it the most beautiful time of day when the sky begins to darken and the lights around the resort begin to glow. I spend those moments reflecting on the day and take time to appreciate all the opportunities I have been given.


The solo table at the restaurant always allows for comfortable conversation with new guests as we enjoy the soothing tones of the Saxophonist playing his tunes behind us. During this program I also took the time to enjoy several afternoons on my balcony enjoying the tropical rains, it was wonderful!


I learned many new things, not only about myself but things I can take and use in my daily life. Cooking healthy meals for example will no longer be a problem for me as I am able to take home many nutritious and quick recipes I can recreate at home. I look forward to another stay at Lanka Princess, and until then, I will use my new Lanka taught lifestyle tips at home!


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