Winter Season Lanka Princess Newsletter


Dear guests and friends of the Lanka Princess Hotel

Winter has come to Europe and with it the cold and the rain of the predominantly gray season where it can be difficult to find opportunities for outdoor activities and get some fresh air. Also Christmas and New Year are around the corner – a time of joy, but also a time for feasting. Unfortunately, your doshas might go off balance due to the increased food intake in combination with less physical exercise. To make matters worse, the days get shorter and less sunny. But why is the sun so important for us?

The sun helps us to strengthen our body’s defenses in order to prevent colds. Our immune system relies on vitamin D, of which 90 percent are produced by the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and it is the key to our overall health because it regulates countless
processes in the body cells. Consequently, a lack of vitamin D significantly increases the risk of disease – especially during the winter time when the sun is too low in the sky to provide sufficient UV radiation in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our Ayurvedic treatment will bring your doshas back to balance while you enjoy many hours of sunshine – a natural way of improving your health.

What could be better than travelling to Sri Lanka and enjoying a Spa Holiday!?
Come and visit us and benefit from a number of changes in our house, which I will illustrate in more detail on the following pages with a brief review of the past 18 months.

Hoping to see you at the Princess,
Your Michael A. Weyland

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