The Lanka Princess Hotel Today

These are the impressions of a guest who returned to the Lanka Princess Hotel after nine years.

The Lanka Princess today

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After landing at the expanded airport in Colombo the service was much more efficient and pleasant than on my previous visit. Of course the roads to Bentota were crowded as usual and most of the oncoming vehicles seemed to drive on our lane. After a 2 ½ hour drive we reached the hidden Hotel. From the outside it looked the same. The warm welcome, a refreshing drink and a flower garland gave me the feeling of entering another world. The Lobby with comfortable sofas, Orchids and the shiny blue sky added a tropical touch.

Everywhere I met friendly and helpful employees as I remembered from my previous visit. The rooms are comfortable and full of light and make you feel at home. Tasteful flower arrangements, fresh tropical fruits, a fridge full of soft drinks etc. everything you can think of is available – simply perfect.

Crisp white linen, different hard mattresses as well as pillows and duvets according to the request of the guest add to the sleep comfort. The rooms are comfortably furnished. The toilet, which is separated from the bathroom, is very convenient.

The professionally maintained garden is a place for nature lovers. All plants are labeled with name tags and even the animals and birds at home in this tropical environment are shown and named in a leaflet. A lot of thought has been given to the details of “the fine hotel”. There are plenty of comfortable sun beds in the garden, which are arranged every morning by the pool attendants with covers, pool towels and even with a small pillow for your comfort.

The Ayurveda center at the Lanka Princess Hotel is one of the most sophisticated CENTERS in Sri Lanka. Professional Ayurveda doctors conduct the consultations and well-trained therapists treat the guests according to the recommendations of the Doctors. Tropical blossoms and fragrant oil suit all your senses and add to the wonderful very special atmosphere. Guests are advised by the therapists not to talk during the treatments. The therapists apply the herbal oils in a way to give you a feeling of well-being. During some treatments I fell asleep. The ayurvedic diet is part of the cure. It is easy to stick to this diet. Never before have I seen such a variety of vegetables, spices and fruits. Accompanied by different sorts of rice, white meat and all kinds of fish – always prepared freshly at the grill. For myself I can tell that I never felt as relaxed as after the two weeks at the Lanka Princess Hotel and the Ayurveda treatments.

I wish the Lanka Princess all the best for a successful future and plenty of guests from all over the world. I will come again as soon as possible to improve my immune system and do the best possible for my health.

H. v. E., Hamburg