News around the Lanka Princess Hotel

Dear friends and guests of the Lanka Princess,

We do not want to miss this opportunity before the end of the year to tell you about some news that occured on our side in the last couple of weeks and months.

Of course we want to do this with all the best wishes for the holidays! You know where you can turn should you enjoy things a bit too much over the holidays. We are most happy to stand at your side on your way back onto a healthy track.

New Pictures on the walls in our rooms

It was time for us to give our in-house artists Upali and Lester the chance to enrich our rooms with some new images. Following you will find some impressions. On your next visit you could see them for yourself.

New dining plan for your diet

The new members of our medical team (by the way – they were warmly appreciated by our regular guests – and we know how critical they can be) optimised our new diet plans with the result that our guests who are out to slim down now actually look forward to eating. Out of free will I offered myself as a test object here which is usually necessary when it comes to these matters. I have to say that the foods are flawless, tasty and plentiful. In that respect: Enjoy! We want to support your appetite with some pictures.

Refreshed beauty

We are happy to announce that we have managed to hire Mrs. Iona Nehm. She is now part of our beauty-team. Not only has she overhauled our treatment program but has also trained the whole team to current standards.

I gave her all the freedom she needed in remodeling the beauty center and I must admit that it was sensible of me to not get involved. She did a fine job. But see for yourself.



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