How tropical climates influence the effectiveness of a Panchakarma treatment – Part 2



The Medical Aspect

Herbs and other plants used for medical ingredients are freshly harvested and processed without synthetic additives, then brewed and provided to the patient. Due to the freshness the remedies effectiveness is increased compared to those stored and transported to Europe.

The tropical heat aids in the deep cleansing and detoxification process which is recognized as a  main principle within Ayurveda. The heat opens the pores and speeds up the cleansing process in a natural way, which is not the case in colder climates. Among other things, the tropical climate plays a large factor in the Panchakarma treatment. For example the Nasya treatment is only performed during warm weather, early in the morning. Colder climates affect Vata and Kapha negatively and therefor these doshas would be even more interrupted in cold climates within Europe.

Ayurveda is conducive for joint and bone problems in particular. Here, heat plays an essential role. Through massage and oil applications aching joints find relief and healing. This is practically impossible when carried out in a cold climate.

The  schooling and ongoing training of Ayurveda doctors is to be praised. Ayurveda doctors have an extensive history of schooling, and although the basic principles of Ayurveda remain the same, the institution of Ayurveda continues to develop. Therefor many doctors participate in ongoing training to continue to develop their skills and study new findings behind the Ayurvedic practice.

Last but not least Asian hospitality plays an important role in helping guests relax during their treatment. Tai Chi on the beach, Yoga on a meditative island or in the yoga center with the sun shining in is simply not comparable to yoga in a heated room in Europe.

Let’s be honest: after a wonderfully relaxing treatment the last thing you would want to do is put on several layers of clothes needed to head back home when you could just head to the beach for some more relaxation on the wonderful island of Sri Lanka at the Lanka Princess Hotel.