Lanka Princess Hotel is renowned for its bespoke TRADITIONAL Ayurvedic treatments; offering vacation programs to help revive, relax and revitalize guests in the beautiful surroundings of the Indian Ocean’s sun drenched beaches.

Ayurveda is made up of two Sanskrit words, Ayur, meaning life or lifespan, and Veda, knowledge or science. It can be used as one word or two, and it stands for the science of life.

Ayurvedic is an ancient healing system based on a 5000 year old philosophy on the preservation of a health through natural treatments and source based treatment of ailments. Approximately 70% of the population in India and Sri Lanka still seek the healing powers of Ayurveda as it is a proven approach which has lasted for thousands of years.

The world’s oldest documented system of medicine uses treatments sourced from the surrounding plant life in keeping with the natural principles of Ayurveda. Ayurveda re-establishes the balance between body and soul and any course of treatment must therefore be geared to the patient’s individual needs. If one adopts a preventive approach and avoids anything that has a damaging influence on body and soul, this in turn will enable the preservation of one’s health.

The Ayurvedic approach promotes a balanced lifestyle based on the three pillars of body, mind and soul. The emphasis on Ayurvda at Lanka Princess Hotel is not only on the treatment of ailments, but also on prevention through purification and revitalisation.  All treatments are administered by an experienced team of Ayurveda doctors and therapists to ensure your holiday is as relaxing and beneficial as possible.

“A person is deemed healthy when his physiognomy is balanced, his digestion and metabolism are in good working order, his tissue and excretory functions are normal and his soul, mind and senses are in a state of constant inner happiness”.

“Sushruta, Ayurvedic doctor, 1000 BC”



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