Often during the hectic day-to-day life we lose the feeling of inner harmony. This results in lack of physical and mental well-being. The aim of this holiday is to balance those deficits. The unique combination of the treatments for reduction and toning helps your body and skin to relax, to regenerate and improve signs of aging. Nourishing cosmetic products, beauty treatments, Ayurvedic remedies and treatments based on the Panchakarma to heal, support this process. This cure activates your vital energies, strengthens your organism and pampers your soul.

The cure for inner and outer well-being.

+ Initial medical consultation
+ Medical check
+ Final doctors’ consultation
+ Hand- and foot massages
+ Synchronic body massages
+ Thermo Rice massages
+ Face massages
+ Herbal baths & Flower bath
+ Ayurvedic remedies
+ Facial with deep cleansing
+ Manicure, hand massage with nourishing pack
+ Lymph stimulation massages
+ Pedicure, foot massage with nourishing pack
+ Eye regeneration treatment
+ Aroma beauty treatment
+ Classical ayurvedic facial
+ Shanaz beauty facial
+ Jovees Gold facial-neck-décolleté treatment
+ Body scrub pack

For relaxation and physical exercises, join our Yoga, Meditation, Tai chi and water gymnastic lessons.
The cure lasts at least 10 days with approximately 50 treatments.




20 years Lanka Princess

Valid for stays within the period
from 01.05. to 30.09.2018

25% discount on long stays of 28 days and longer on All Inclusive hotel rates

Single without supplement
in case of an additional reservation of a cure package of minimum 6 days

Both discounts applicable together
in case of reservation till 31.01.2018
for stays from 01.05.-30.09.2018.

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Maximum two discounts can be combined.
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