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Service and Facilities

The Ayurveda Health Center

The Lanka Princess Hotel invites you to revitalize your mind, body and soul with ayuverdic wellness treatments amid the tranquil surroundings of white, sandy beaches and the harmonizing sound of the Indian Ocean.

The Lanka Princess Hotel is renowned for its first class Ayurveda service and professional approach, and this is our guarantee on entering the Ayurveda Health Center. Take a journey of self-discovery at the Lanka Princess Ayurveda Health Center, where our qualified team of Ayurveda doctors and therapists takes care of all your needs. Each treatment is personalized to your individual requirements and leaves you with a feeling of deep tranquility, balance and rejuvenation.

In keeping with the theme of wellness and relaxation, all treatment rooms are furnished in a contemporary and functional style to ensure our guests receive maximum benefits from this ancient healing approach. Relax to the sound of soft meditative background music and begin your journey of wellness accompanied by the healing scents of floral bouquets.

Once our guests have undergone a medical consultation with an accredited Ayurvedic doctor, our specialized treatment rooms will be used for massage, inhalations, baths and acupuncture depending on your specific requirements. Based on the individual person’s health condition, the appropriate medicines or massage oils will be prescribed for application during the treatment.

Our experienced team of Ayurvedic doctors and therapists use an average of 18  different healing herbs each day for the preparation of  herbal baths, steam baths and inhalations.  The planning department at the Ayurvedic Health Center ensures that appointments for treatments are in strict compliance with the necessary rules pertaining to Ayurveda, whilst ensuring optimum quality of service to our guests.

All prescribed medicine and herbal oils are from reputed companies with ISO certificates as Himalaya, Link and Gampa.

20 years Lanka Princess
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